Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Liveblogging (now with extra snark!): ELI Sesion on "Youth, Privacy, and Social Networking Technologies"

with Nancy Mitrano of Cornell University

Higher education must embrace web 2.0 for our own purposes, not commercial ones.

Pew Internet and American Life Project:

55% of online teends have created a personal profile online
66% of these teens say their profile is private
48% of teens visit social networking websites daily or more often

Older boys (15-17 y.o.) who use social networking sites are more likely than girls to say they've met new friends online. 29% of boys said they flirted; 13% of girls did.

(Bored yet? I am! How is this new?)

Oh, here we go. . . Rolling out the pedophiles with an anecdote about a girl meeting up with a scary man. Barbara Sawhill, next to me, is muttering: "That's bad parenting, not bad technology." Amen.

Bush/Gonzalez/FBI are protecting our children. Good. God. Am I really here? Someone save me. I thought my job was to protect my child from that triumvirate.

Audience member stands up and says she lets her 6-year-old son online onto the Disney kids' site, but she was with him as he explored the site's tutorial.

Praise from the speaker. "That's a great example."

What are we, at a PTA meeting?

"I learn a lot from Mickey."


Seriously, many of the speakers here have been stellar. This presentation, not so much.

Now she's saying we need to talk to our students so that we know how to connect with them.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

I'm shutting down my laptop to save the battery.

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