Friday, June 29, 2007

Self-help books?

Do you buy self-help books of any kind? Occasionally I go on a self-improvement binge that includes buying books on money management, careers, and parenting. Tonight I bought a couple of careers books, Marci Alboher's One Person/Multiple Careers (because I enjoy her blog) and Timothy Ferriss's The 4-Hour Workweek because lots of bloggers I read have raved about it.

What self-help books have you read lately that you found interesting? Any you'd recommend to a toddler-mothering, blog-addicted, procrastinating, chronically career-switching thirtysomething humanities Ph.D. with debt up to her eyeballs?


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

I just read Sarah Susanka's "The Not So Big Life" and I really liked it - lots of good advice in there. And I felt like a lot of it was quite applicable to academics!

Anonymous said...

I've avoided mentioning it so far because I figure every mom gets too much parenting "advice," but I love the Positive Discipline books by Jane Nelson and Lynn Lot. They're more about teaching kids decision-making, encouragement, empathy, and peaceful conflict resolution than discipline, per se. Anyway, there's one for preschoolers that may be useful to you in a year or two. I also dig Michelle Singleterry's money mangagement book (she publishes the column "The Color of Money" and is a guest on NPR's Day to Day). I try to keep it around as it inspires good budgeting.

"heymarci" said...

Thanks for mentioning my book. I hope it resonates with you as you are certainly living the "slash" life! Just finally got around to reading your blog, and loving it.