Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things that pissed me off yesterday, from least to most:

1. The two SUVs parked on either side of my car when I emerged from the mall yesterday. Hey a**holes--the spaces are marked "compact" for a reason. I could barely get Luke, let alone my fat ass, in the car.

2. The fact that the only bra at Nordstrom's that will work with the dress I bought for my sister's wedding cost almost as much as the dress itself, and apparently needs more special care than, say, your average pet turtle. Seriously.

3. That my rib cage may have expanded while I was pregnant. Dresses in my usual size--size 12--will fit nicely around my "problem area" (my stomach) but then won't zip up the last 2-4 inches over my ribs. WTF? I did manage to find one zip-up dress in a size 14 that fit around my ribs, which is miraculous, as I totally thought I'd have to go to size 18 to get dresses that fit my ribs, and then they'd be a friggin' tent on the rest of me. (BTW, Ann Taylor is packed--PACKED--right now with dresses that, had they accommodated my freakish skeletal structure, would have looked absolutely darling on me.)

4. That anti-immigrationimmigrant rally on that major street in Sacramento, right across from the mall. I thought it was a run-of-the-mill anti-immigration rally until I saw the web address on the signs. Fucking white supremacists. Had I not had Luke in the car with me, I would have pulled over to give them a piece of my (very white, as in "lividly white-hot") mind. And the sign that said "Patriotism is not Racism"? You got that phrase backward, you fireplacing idiots.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad I didn't decide to go shopping yesterday then: I probably would have wrecked my car yelling at them.

Nordstrom is the only store (that isn't a boutique) that carries bras my size. I spent over $100 on two, two! last time I was there.

Anonymous said...

i've totally got that ribcage problem, too. it developed after my first and got worse after my second.