Monday, January 16, 2006

trillwing trivia

As seen at BrightStar:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Trillwing!

  1. A rhinoceros horn is made from compacted trillwing!
  2. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same trillwing!
  3. Early thermometers were filled with trillwing instead of mercury!
  4. Native Americans never actually ate trillwing; killing such a timid prey was thought to indicate laziness!
  5. The difference between trillwing and a village is that trillwing does not have a church!
  6. If you lace trillwing from the inside to the outside, the fit will be snugger around your big toe.
  7. Trillwing is born white; her pink feathers are caused by pigments in her typical diet of shrimp.
  8. There are roughly 10,000 man-made objects the size of trillwing orbiting the Earth!
  9. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at trillwing.
  10. Trillwing can run sixty-five kilometres an hour - that's really fast!
I am interested in - do tell me about

I have to say #7 and #8 are my favorites.

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