Friday, November 10, 2006

Coming to a realization

a) I really don't enjoy grading papers.

b) When I grade papers, I usually do it on the weekends.

c) When I don't have to grade papers, there's always some other work I *should* be doing on the weekend, even though I'm only getting paid peanuts. Plus there's unpaid work I do in the hopes of getting a job: research, writing, job applications. (Note: I enjoy research and writing, and I don't have nearly enough time to do it all justice.)

d) I'm not thrilled about preparing lectures, either.

e) The job I have an interview for on Wednesday pays far more than peanuts.

f) The job I have an interview for doesn't appear to require weekend work.

g) The job I have an interview for will never, EVER require me to grade student papers or prepare a typical lecture.

a + b + c + d + e + f + g = It may be time to change careers.

Oh, also. . . The job is in Office A, which works closely with Office B. A friend in Office B said she heard people talking about me as an applicant for the position, that they had already called my references and everyone said good things. My friend chimed in with more of the same.

I'm seriously salivating. . . Getting to play with new technology, promoting blogging in education, decent pay ($3,900 to $6,650 a month - public info, so I might as well share it), regular working hours, regular vacation and sick leave, health/dental/vision insurance (including very affordable health plans for the whole family--like $50-150 a month instead of the $600/month we're paying through Mr. Trillwing's work), full access privileges to the university library and its databases, no tenure struggle, working with bright people who care about education, living in this town I've come to love. . . What's not to like?!



grumpyABDadjunct said...

I am stoked for you, and more than a little jealous! Fingers and toes are crossed for your success.

Anonymous said...

I'm _really_ excited for you. And really envious. I think if I ever make $3900/mo. I'll die of shock.

Good luck!!

Seeking Solace said...

Best of luck!!!

Debra said...

I have very good feelings about this for you. And, I knew (feeling) that the spouser would get a job with his current employer as soon as he told he'd applied.

Good luck.

skookumchick said...

Wow, sounds ideal. Don't walk, run... and good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

oooh, this sounds like a great job and you sounds perfect for it!!

good luck!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That is fantastic, Trillwing. I'm really crossing all the fingers and toes now.

Anonymous said...

Belatedly, good luck! A job without grading WOULD be golden.

ArticulateDad said...

Keep talking to yourself... and be sure to listen. Circumstances and expectations change. It's good to be prepared for them. Best of luck in working it all out, and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise.