Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two weird things

1. Lucas's latest game is mimicking the Roomba.* He walks in straight lines across the room, spinning around a few times whenever he changes direction. It's pretty damn adorable, especially when he falls down because he's dizzy. When I turned off Romba tonight, Lucas looked at it, astonished at its sudden silence, and tried to talk to it by making vacuuming noises.

2. I finally printed out the "revise-and-resubmit" manuscript I've had sitting on my desk for almost a full year. Had I done that a year ago, perhaps I would have gotten a job interview or two? Anyway, I thought it might as well follow through (finally) since I had already revised it and merely needed to write a cover letter.

*Roomba remains unnamed, though I'm leaning toward a name that would be appropriate for a horseshoe crab or other crustacean of the late Permian because Roomba is definitely carcinomorphic. Any carcinologists out there? (And aren't you proud an English major knows what carcinology is? I am. And you can bet I'm going to work "carcinomorphic" into my everyday conversations now that I've stumbled across the word.)

(crab photo by Lou Tamposi)


Chili Pepper said...


Long-time reader, lazy commenter. Found you via Phantom's place, I think.

Sorry to hear about your cold. That is just miserable.

The image of Lucas mimicing the Roomba is both cute and hilarious. My 3 year old merely like to either chase it and laugh or stand in front of it so it bounces off of him and keeps going. When we first got the Roomba, he was uncertain about what that thing was, so he would just sit on the couch, out of reach and watch, fascinated. Too bad that stage didn't last longer!

I'm no help on the name thing. Our Roomba is just Roomba. We do name our cars, though...

Jeff Mather said...

How about Puck or Spike?

Breena Ronan said...

What did little boys do before there were machines to play with? Sorry you are sick. :(