Monday, June 11, 2007

I am glad that. . .

. . .Big Love is back for another season. I heart HBO (and I love that the DirecTV package that includes HBO is just over half the price of a comparable HBO-inclusive package we used to purchase from Comcast cable).

Other U.S. shows worth watching on DVD, if you haven't already seen them:
  • Weeds
  • Lost
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Undeclared
  • Monk
Seriously. Go Netflix 'em now. Especially Weeds and Lost--and if you haven't seen the first season, definitely check out Big Love.


Anonymous said...

I love big love! i recently fell in love with it on a Delta flight that had HBO on it's little personal Tv thingies. sadly, i am cable less so no second season yet for me.

and isn't Lost spectacular?!?! did you see the season 3 finale?!

Kate C. said...

An excellent list. I really like the new developments with Barb on Big Love in the season premiere. Freaks and Geeks is on my list--I just fear it will be too painfully accurate. I would add Veronica Mars as well.