Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dr. Doolittle

Well, it's 3:10 a.m., and the Porpoise Whisperer is at it again, only this time he's summoning barn owls. At least those live on our block, so he's not needing to project his voice quite as much. Plus, this morning there's a nifty muffling effect from the big plastic donut stacking thingies he's shoving in his mouth.

So now I'm wondering. . . Should I be proofing TCTRTBC at 3:16 a.m. with my little raptor screeching at my side? Probably not.

Instead I shall share with you some of the recent searches that brought folks to The Clutter Museum. It's nice to know what my blog is really about. My favorites are in boldface:

caleb mcdaniel's man boobs
how does a chicken conceive an egg
trojan sousaphones
feminist emily dickinson
greasy scalp dandruff
i didn't like being a creative memories consultant
groups of male and female cheerleaders
june carter fall in love cash
dress for a jrotc ball
playboy bunny
i believe powerpoint
there must be something
baby monitors my neighbor can't hear
the role of the french horn in the orchestra
endometriosis and the military
high school cheerleaders
prune juice
interdisciplinarity sucks (2x)
leslie train horn
cheney sings johnny cash
digital scrapbooking
creative memories consultant
"depression in academia"
being pregnant and orajel
establishing routines
"cheese penguin" lindsay
clutter family
give me a museum and i'll fit it
scrapbooking intertwining lives
tiny sex hi
skills ahoy
"i like squirrels" (repeatedly)

Personally, I'd like to see "hulkbuster" and "bunnies" in the same search. That would make me happy.

Bonus exclamation, 2 minutes ago:

Barn owls don't try to give their mamas hickeys!


ArticulateDad said...

LOL... wake up early any time. You're hilarious when you're delirious.

About a half dozen people in the last week have found my personal research website while searching for "Foreign Accent Syndrome". There's one brief mention on my site, as in "I will be adding commentary here" or something. Makes me feel like I ought to have a lot to say about it. Considering there are only about two dozen reported cases from, say, the last 100 years, and I'm not a neurologist, that might be tough.

But, bunnies and huckster, especially with all that high school cheerleading, ... I'd be flabbergasted.

Caleb McDaniel said...

Funny, I never knew my man boobs would be so interesting to the world's netizens. I'm not sure which is most disconcerting: (1) that there are over 500 hits for that search on Google, (2) that more than a few of them do seem to be referring to me and not some other "Caleb McDaniel," (3) that your post is not even the top hit, or (4) that someone actually clicked through to your site after running that search.