Monday, April 10, 2006

Locomotion, and a few words from Lucas

Well, it's official: Lucas is now doing some kind of squirmy crawling that no longer involves sticking his butt in the air and planting his forehead on the ground to drag himself forward. He's best at pivoting and travelling backward.

Looks like I'll be vacuuming a lot more. Great. I really wish he had waited until at least the next chapter is finished. (You know, like next week. 'Cause the last one only took me 9.5 months. So this one will be a breeze, because I deserve it to be so, right?)

Lucas weighs in on the phenomenon:

vccdnmr ,mdddses33as vde x

Yes, that's right--he managed to paste an entire URL. The boy's a genius.
-8 9juj zxc cas n k

'.;;k ; huuybjm
=-l]io;,[[ j
c c c..?
h∆ยต ≥X ZX ASASzzm //l,km mn fv b v ,. opk ∫˙ xxASXC CV VS ;. MDDF FVB DSS V
n jm v c c v v ?

P.S.-- anyone know how to replace a Mac iBook key that's been pried off by little hands? >:P

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Jeff Mather said...

The little dude is into horses too, huh?