Saturday, July 22, 2006

Photo meme results (finally!)

Thanks for your patience with me on the photo request meme.

luckybuzz asked to see the object I've owned the longest. Unfortunately, that object--a plush rabbit--is in storage at the moment (I know, I'm not showing her much love), so we'll have to go with objects #2 and #3.

The little green ceramic container came from Knott's Berry Farm when I was a wee bairn. The model horse is Sham from Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind. I believe I received him as a Christmas present when I was 10 or 11 years old. He kicked me into a model horse collecting spree that has stretched (though more off than on) until today. (I should probably write about that sometime. . . The model horse hobby is the topic of my next research project.)

Mon asked for a photo of my favorite kitchen item. That would be these shears. Love 'em! (The food processor is a close second because it's so damn efficient.)

Seeking Solace loves puppy pics. Here's Woody, AKA The Liability. He's 12 years old, going on 2.

Squab wants a photo of what most relaxes me. When the temperature isn't, oh, ONE HUNDRED EIGHT DEGREES, I like to walk down this row of olive trees about half a block from my apartment.

On either side of Olive Tree Lane are some of the university's ag fields.

GrumpyABDAdjunct asked for Luke's favorite toy and my dissertation drink o' choice. The toy is a hand-me-down from Fantastic Adviser. Pretty disgusting on the drink front, I know, but I'm on a diet, and I need the caffeine.

Flossie wanted to see a photo of what I'm most proud of. That would be Mr. Trillwing and Lucas. Here's the latest photo of the little man:

And here's Mr. T:

ScienceWoman wants to know where I sit when I work on the diss.

I'm afraid I'm going to fail Tabitha Grimalkin's request for my favorite drink or dessert. I just don't have those on hand. For the record: a fresh strawberry margarita (blended, with salt) or an amaretto sour (on the sweet side), and just about anything that's dark chocolate, although pear crisp and pineapple upside down cake rate high as well on my Great Desert-o-Meter. (And Tabitha, I already miss your blog! I hope you're recovering from your bronchitis.)

Dr. Brazen Hussy wanted to peek inside my medicine cabinet. Right now, everything's shoved into this funky sliding-door thingy that I can't open all at once, so here's a peek at the entire vanity.

Atop the vanity, l to r: lotions I don't use much, toothpaste, toothbrush, tin o' Carmex, Luke's toothbrush, Luke's diver bath toy, thyroid meds, antidepressants, Flintstones vitamins (a habit continued from prenatal and pregnancy days), birth control pills, UV meter card that came with my new hat, my sunblock (30 SPF).

Inside the cabinet, l to r: antiperspirant (Dove sensitive skin because I'm a delicate flower), floss collection, orthodontic retainer in purple case (I wore braces for EIGHT YEARS, so I'm pretty loyal to the retainer), [other side of mirror now] contact lens case, sample mouthwash from dentist, mint flavored Tums antacid (in bulk, of course), useless wart medicine, generic ibuprofen, nipple salve from early breastfeeding days.

In the cabinet mirror: my cute skirt.

On the sink, l to r: little decorative bas relief bird and tree thingy, pilfered nice hotel soap in cheapo soapdish, lavender-scented hand wash from Cost Plus (mostly for guests, since I don't use antibacterial stuff), plastic cup for taking meds, another contact lens case, Freeman's avocado face stuff I probably should use more often, Simple Green cleaning solution in spray bottle, contact lens solution, baby wash, tissues.

Mr. Trillwing and I have separate bathrooms. It's terrific! :)

Jeff wanted to see Mr. T's superhero collection. Mr. T obliged with this photo, which includes pretty much just this past week's purchases. (FYI, the number is atypical.)

Veronica asked for my most abstruse kitchen utensil. I'm afraid my utensils don't run to the abstruse, so I'll give you this instead. It's a wedding gift, a piece of Tupperware that a friend swears is for onions and tomatoes. I just don't get why it's shaped this way, though, as halved tomatoes and onions keep just fine in flat-bottomed containers. . . Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

It's shaped that way so you can hang it in your fridge. You put the half of an onion (or whatever's "leftover" from cooking in it,) close it, then hang it from a shelf in your fride. Most fridges have a shelf that's made of what look like wires. That's what it hangs from. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the bonus picture of you in the mirror!

And Woody is so adorable. (Okay, yes, Lucas is adorable, too, but I'm jonesing for a dog these days... ;-D)

Ianqui said...

Can I ask what you use the kitchen shears for? I guess probably meat, which is why I don't really understand what to do with them. I was using them to cut cereal boxes and plastic, and that bothered Super G so he finally put regular scissors in the kitchen for me.

In any case, for me, the shears are probably one of the most useless items! I would have to go with my adjustable measuring spoon.

Leslie M-B said...


I don't use the shears on meat--I'm a vegetarian. Pretty much I use them on anything and everything--stalky veggies (asparagus, for example), trimming off the ends of cut flower stems, cardboard, etc. I'm just excited to have something that works like scissors that stays sharp!

That measuring spoon looks really cool.