Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Grade distribution

. . .for the latest paper assignment in our material culture course:

A: 15
B: 28
C: 26
D: 20
F: 2

Our students think we're hard-asses. I think I gave out too many As, as 11 of those puppies were awarded to my students. Still, 9 of the Ds were mine, too.

This is the third time I've TA'd for this course under this professor, so we pretty much have an understanding about grades, and the TA who has joined us this quarter is happy to join the Fair Grading Club.

The professor pointed out that no one blinks an eye if 40% of students just plain don't understand an assignment in physics or math, but everyone gets up in arms if just as many students fail to comprehend a humanities concept. I think she has a point.


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