Friday, February 10, 2006

I <3 Lost

Did anyone else notice Locke flipping through The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge? I remember reading that in seventh grade. I wonder if it's a red herring or if it has something to do with the warping of time to which Hurley alluded at the end of this week's episode.

Anyway. . . I guess I'm this dude:

You scored as Locke. You're Locke! People underestimate you, but you know you can do anything you want to. You hate limits being put on your life - you don't like it when people don't believe in you.

Locke 63%
Hurley 56%
Michael 56%
Jack 56%
Shannon 38%
Sun 38%
Claire 31%
Charlie 25%
Sawyer 25%
Jin 19%
Kate 19%
Boone 6%
Sayid 0%

The best of all? Sayid is my favorite character. Opposites attract, right? ;)

Who is your Lost alter ego? (As seen at Cheeky Prof.)

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