Saturday, February 18, 2006

Free shoes

Well, my little shopping expedition last Monday has paid off in spades. . . I entered a raffle at the Aerosoles store, and today I learned I won three free pairs of shoes.

Maybe my luck will continue and my big pile of exams will grade itself? The university should have a weekly raffle offering a free pass from grading. . .

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Scott Eric Kaufman said...

Eek! I know this comment isn't relevant here, but I just wanted to say that I liked the piece you wrote on BlogHer about my post on academic blogging...but that you made it sound like I had put my foot down and declared as categorical certainties a number of categorical hypotheses which, on the basis of comments from the likes of Laura and Belle, I've since reconsidered. Not that I don't think you gave my initial post a fair hearing, but I don't want to be thought inflexible, which is sort of kind of maybe a little what your post makes me look like? Or am I over-reacting and do I not come off as the blockhead I seem to myself to be? (If so, please disregard this.)

Also, on an entirely unrelated note, the "word verification" required to post this comment is, to say the least, a little disturbing: "zittedyak" doesn't seem so random. Not that I'm a "zitted yak," just that the imagery is, well, not pleasant. But amusing!