Thursday, February 23, 2006

South Dakota

I went there once. We visited the family farm where my dad, although he was born in CA, spent the first dozen years of his life. The land was still being farmed, but all the structures were collapsing. The barn was an old swaybacked thing.

Anyhoo, after years of watching the antics of our older cousins and their children and grandchildren (yep, we were lapped generationally twice), a more level-headed cousin shook his head and declared the lot of us South Dakota descendants as being from "the no-diving end of the gene pool."

I won't go into details, but let's say he may have a point. With the news of the latest legislation in South Dakota, however, it appears any relatives seeking to find better lives for themselves and their families by controlling family size through terminating pregnancies are SOL. They'll just have to carry on the proud family tradition of losing their children to quasi-Darwinian and carceral processes.

Many of us are angry today. Fortunately, Phantom Scribbler is willing to hold our hands while we read "The Women's Health and Human Life Protection Act." (Which, by the way, appears to have very little to do with protecting women's health. Bastards.) Be sure to read the discussion in the comments thread.

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