Saturday, February 11, 2006

A few numbered thoughts from a messy mind

1. As seen at New Kid's, a personality quiz. I'm not listing the details of my results, which underscores my apparent (according to the test) paranoia. But I will share my "trait snapshot":
messy, outgoing, open, self revealing, ambivalent about chaos, unpredictable, not good at saving money, social, likes large parties, likes to stand out, risk taker, quick to make friends, does not like to be alone, rash, fame seeking, sarcastic, craves attention, social chameleon, low self control, food lover, not rule conscious, weird, assertive, not a perfectionist, anti-authority, thrill seeker, vain, likes to fit in, reckless, emotionally sensitive, leisurely, trusting
Ambivalent about chaos? I guess so, if that means "General apathy about dissertating."

Likes large parties? Then why did Mr. Trillwing and I call the police on the raging kegger in the neighboring apartment complex last night? I tell you why: because, in Mr. Trillwing's words, we're old and boring. (By this standard, I turned old and boring at 22.)

Weird and assertive: a magical combination, I assure you!

I do, however, take issue with vain. That's just BS, and I *know* it's because I said I'm mildly into myself. *sigh*

2. As of this afternoon, I have a Creative Memories consultant. Does that make me a bad intellectual? Can I call it American studies participant-observation research? I'm not particularly enamored of the actual scrapbooking, but I'm fascinated by the aesthetic and culture of the whole affair. Lots of thoughts on this to come, I'm sure.

3. I've been unconsciously clenching my jaw for the past two weeks. Ouch.

4. I'm not really that fond of Babies R Us.

5. All of a sudden, my old freelance writing clients are coming out of the woodwork or are referring their friends to me. Normally I'd welcome the extra income, but why now?

6. Mr. Trillwing has been asked by his employer to add a sixth weekly newspaper to his already-full plate of five weeklies and two weekly news websites he designs (and by "designs," I mean "does just about everything but sell ads and run the presses"). She asked him how much he'd charge for this service, and he underbid. By an astonishing amount. I was sitting right there when he said the number into the phone's receiver, and I just about fainted. The number in my head was about 3x to 4x the amount he quoted her. He must really, really like his employer. He also admitted to me this afternoon that, when he owned a business fifteen years ago, he charged EIGHT TIMES what he quoted her for that kind of job. Fifteen years ago!

Mr. Trillwing is too nice. I'm not angry or upset, just amazed that he'd undersell himself like that, especially when he's already working at least six days a week.

7. I just printed out the 65 pages of TCTRTBC. I think I need to see them all to impose order on them. A faculty member holding a dissertation workshop once recommended taping all the pages of a chapter together into a long scroll or laying them all out on the floor and eyeballing them in order to discover. . .I don't know what. I'll let you know. (Don't worry--my scanning won't involve tape.)

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Leslie O. said...

Dude, I'm a horrible human being!

"paranoid tendencies, irritable, anxious, fidgety, dependent, worrying, emotionally sensitive, prone to regret, depressed, second guesses self, somewhat fragile, dislikes change, prefers organized to unpredictable, suspicious, phobic, craves attention, not a risk taker, low self control, very sensitive to criticism, unadventurous, does not make friends easily, defensive, obsessive, low self esteem"

Woot! I suck!