Monday, February 20, 2006


If I'm going to accurately chronicle Lucas's first sixth months of life in a scrapbook, there must be a page about poop.

Why haven't I seen poop pages in other parents' scrapbooks? I mean, it's on Mr. Trillwing's and my minds almost all the time: Has our little Man in Black pooped this week? When did he last poop? What was the consistency of said poop? We even have a "Dump Chart" tacked to the kitchen wall. The dump chart is definitely going into the (s)crapbook, maybe with the labels from the suppository jar and the prunes.

Tonight Lucas screamed as he tried to have a BM. He fell asleep mid-poop. Can you imagine falling asleep mid-poop?

Anyway, I'll be sure to share the Poop Page with you when I'm finished, but first, I have some other crap to take care of: midterms to grade.

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susan said...

You totally need a poop page. with a dump chart. What a great way to remember what you're really thinking about. This is very funny.