Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today was good

1. Wrote like a madwoman until about 11:30 a.m., and printed out 52 pages of TCTRTBC. I hope to write another 15 or so by the end of the weekend. I handed the first 52 pages to Fantastic Adviser at lunch.

2. At lunch we talked briefly about blogging. I told her I had a blog in which I referred to her as Fantastic Adviser. She laughed. (phew)

Lunch was terrific, mostly because we didn't talk too much about the diss, a process that usually makes me feel really inarticulate because, well, I get really inarticulate. Instead we chatted about teaching, her current research, writing books, and a panoply of other professional issues. She told me the department wants to hire me as a lecturer next year to cover a couple of sabbatical leaves if nothing else comes through and assured me I'd find a teaching position someplace once I'm on the market with a Ph.D. in hand because I have lots of experience and my student evals are stellar. It's nice to hear such assurances (even if I don't really believe them) and even better to have a back-up plan for next year.

3. Had an awkward moment pre-lunch. Fantastic Adviser was talking to Really Great Program Director before I showed up at the café. As FA walked away from RGPD, I told RGPD I was nominating FA for a mentoring award, and asked if RGPD would be willing to write a letter in support of FA, since FA mentors many students in RGPD's program. Unfortunately, the restaurant was loud and RGPD thought I was saying I was nominating RGPD. I corrected her (gently, I hope), but awkward conversation followed. I'm still a bit anxious about that, even though I'm sure I made myself clear.

4. Taught two sections of pretty lethargic students. It's that time of the quarter for all of us.

5. Got a revise and resubmit from the first journal to which I've ever submitted an article. First reader didn't seem to have too many problems with the article and gave me some really helpful comments. Second reader wasn't quite so fond of the piece. Oh well. I think I will revise it in a few weeks once I've had another prof look over the chapter from which the article sprung.

6. Came home to happy family, with boy occasionally shrieking from painful poop. Within 20 minutes of my coming home, boy was asleep in my arms.

It's a glamorous life.

But I'm happy.

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ArticulateDad said...

Now that sounds like your in the swing of it. Congratulations on hearing your department wants to hire you as lecturer, if nothing else comes through. That's great! Really. One thing always leads to another. The fact that they would hire you is a vote of confidence that won't be lost on hiring committees. And, who knows, maybe those interviews will start pouring in this year. At least now you'll have a choice.

Keep writing, and it will all be done soon. Now I just have to find the courage to submit an article to a journal that people have actually heard of. Second pass editing today. Here I go.